Working Texas: From Ranchers and Roughnecks to Sodbusters and Spacemen


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Texas has a very diverse economy: From the ranches of West Texas and the Panhandle to the Johnson Space Center near Houston, there are millions of people in our state working many different and fascinating types of jobs.

This video is a hands-on look at working in those industries. During this program we’ll visit with Texas farmers, ranchers, loggers and roughnecks who will tell us about their professions and why they work in them. We’ll go with them out into the fields and forests, and out onto the ranges to get a close-up perspective of their everyday life. We’ll also take a historical view of the major industries in Texas and how they’ve changed over the years, from the early pioneer days all the way up to the present high-tech computer and space age industries.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be out logging trees, punching cattle, raising crops or wrestling pipe in the oilfield, then this video will give you a first-hand insight into these truly Texas vocations. Vocations that for many of these people are a labor of love.

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