The Settlement Of Texas, Part Two: The Hispanics And The Americans


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The settlement of Texas dates back almost 12,000 years ago, to the first evidence of Native American occupation. This two-part video traces the settlement of our Lone Star State up through 1836: from those early times, up to the arrival of the Spanish and French, and including the influx of the Americans.

In the first half of this program we traced the earliest settlement of our state by Native Americans. This second half picks up with the arrival of the Spanish and French to Texas. We’ll examine early relations between these Europeans and the Indians of Texas.

We’ll look at both the Presidio and Mission systems in Texas, giving the viewer a close-up look at Spanish Texas and what it would have been like to live as a soldier or missionary during those times.

We’ll travel across Texas, visiting some of the earliest farming and ranching communities that date back to the 1700s. Next we’ll move onto the arrival of the Americans and the period up through the Texas Revolution, a period of dramatic change in Texas.

From the missions of East Texas and San Antonio, to the early settlements near Zapata and Nacogdoches, we’ll experience a wide array of differing cultures, lifestyles and geography, spanning three centuries, from 1528 to 1836. Hundreds of artifacts, paintings, drawings, maps, graphics and present-day footage of historical sites give a comprehensive and in-depth look at this time period.

Some of the state’s foremost historians such as Frank de la Teja, Steve Hardin, Caroline Castillo Crimm and Robert Schaadt help provide analysis and insight into this exciting frontier chapter of Texas History. This two-part series is an indispensable guide to a period in Texas History that does not usually receive a lot of attention. Yet this is a critical time in our history, a time that in many ways created and shaped the Lone Star culture and way of life that we know and enjoy today.

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