Possum Kingdom Country: A History of Palo Pinto County


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The sun glints on the surface, reflecting hills dotted with junper and mesquite. An occasional cluster of cabins view the serenity of fishing boats bobbing along the water’s edge. Few sounds disturb the scene, though human foosteps walked upon this shore centuries before a legilative act created Palo Pinto County, before families from the Metroplex, an hour or two away, found a haven from their workday routine.

This is Possum Kingdom Lake; a reservoir created when the Morris Sheppard Dam was built at the southeastern edge only some sixty years ago. It is part of the Brazos River, the longest river in Texas, and it is a jewel nestled in the heart of a country that was born and continues to thrive because of water.

Water is the heart of this story, from Indian camps along the banks of the Brazos, to Spaniards who walked the river course in their discovery of a New World, to the Pioneers who farmed and ranched along the river’s valleys, to the founding of Mineral Wells, a town built on Crazy Water, and a lake which was born from the river. This is the story of Palo Pinto County, Possum Kingdom Country and its people.

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