Fort Davis: West Texas Military Outpost, 1854-1891


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For nearly 40 years Fort Davis played a pivotal role in protecting and advancing U.S. interests in West Texas. Because of its strategic location, astride the east-west corridor linking San Antonio with El Paso, soliders guarded civilian and military personnel, and used the fort as a mobilization point to initiate campaigns against Native Americans who fiercely resisted encroachment on their traditional lifestyles. The history of Fort Davis is more than just campaigns and army versus Indian, it is about people of varied ethnicity and gender. Its cast of players includes thousands of soldiers and army dependents who called Fort Davis home. The Buffalo Soldiers, African-Americans comprising the 9th and 10th Calvary and the 24th and 25th Infantry, served faithfully and with distinction here for almost 20 years. The history of Fort Davis and West Texas unfold in this fast-paced video, which takes the viewer through a chronological history of the post from birth to deactivation.

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