The Texas Revolution: From Anahuac To San Jacinto


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Follow In Their Footsteps and Relive This Exciting Chapter of Texas History:

This informative and entertaining program retraces the Texans’ five-year push for freedom. It starts with the first rumblings of discontent at Anahuac in 1832 and builds to the realization of independence in 1836.

Along the way you’ll travel to the Alamo, then to Washington on the Brazos where independence was declared. Then it’s on to Goliad where 400 Texans were massacred. Finally you’ll relive the Texans’ great victory and Santa Anna’s surrender at San Jacinto.

Throughout this hour-long program you’ll see hundreds of old pictures that capture the mood of the period. You’ll meet experts on the Revolution who provide insights into the actions of the key players of this drama, historians who answer questions that still surround the Revolution. Now you too can travel the road to independence, stopping along the way at the major sites of importance, seeing and reliving the history as it unfolds before you.

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