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7 – The Question of Motive

By November 20, 2020July 12th, 2021Texas Talk

What motive did Ben Krebs have for killing the England family? A month before the murders, Krebs had gotten into an altercation with Selena and Reverend England over the fence that divided their two properties. Hogs belonging to the Englands had been getting into Krebs’s cornfield and damaging his crop. After this had occurred several times, Krebs had a heated exchanged with the Englands and threatened to hit the eighty-two-year-old reverend with a slat from the fence. He told the Englands, “God damn you, if you come down here anymore, I will kill you.” The Englands subsequently filed assault charges against Krebs. The date for the trial was set for early September. Here is a picture of the fence separating the two properties, at or near the spot where the altercation occurred.


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