The Big Thicket of Southeast Texas, A History: 1800-1940


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Step Into the Big Thicket:

It is a natural wonderland to some, a place of dark mystery to others. Because it was one of the first areas of Texas to be settled, it is a region steeped in a rich and unique history: the oil and logging boom days that created towns and cities overnight…the steamboats that navigated the rivers, supplying a vital trade link to the outside world…the Alabama and Coushatta Indians, who extended a helping hand to the early settlers…and the pioneers themselves, who carved an individual existence out of these woods.

There are also lots of legends about the Big Thicket: the eerie light that haunts the Ghost Road…stories of treasure hidden in the dense woods…and the outlaws, who found this vast forest a natural refuge from lawmen. As you’ll see, there is no other place quite like the Big Thicket. The lives of the old-timers, their music and customs are all intertwined like vines around the majestic trees of the Big Thicket. But be forewarned: Once you set foot in these woods you may not want to leave.

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